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Jet Ski TourReviewed July 26, 2016 via mobile My fianc and I went on the 12pm Jet Ski Tour with tour guide Bob. It was awesome! We had a little trouble keeping up as we had never driven one before, but he made sure we didn’t get left behind without making the rest of the group have to wait consistently for us. We learned a lot about Key West and had a blast doing it.

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Headlines: Roseanne Barr backs off of Brangelina criticism. Jon Voight defends daughter, calls Barr a “psychopathic liar”. Sean Penn and Val Kilmer rally for Ralph Nader. All of this is good news for climate, but there must be a worldwide agreement with at least some teeth in order to ensure truly global emission cuts. Otherwise, energy spendthrifts will take advantage of supply and demand to burn the fossil fuel that others manage to save through efficiency. A globally agreed price on carbon could leverage the power of the marketplace to accelerate emission reduction.

As for this race, of course I hope to PR, but I have to remember that completing a half marathon (no matter the time) is an accomplishment. My plan is to be positive no more self doubt. I know I can run the distance as I have done it many times before..

Ce soir, j’invite Sidonie au restaurant. Je ne sais pas trop o. C’est toujours compliqu de sortir tous les deux, vu qu’on habite vraiment loin l’un de l’autre et que nos quartiers respectifs ne sont pas terribles niveau cantines. Initial market reaction may be supportive, we believe current aggregate consensus among producers remains difficult to achieve, he wrote, in a note to clients late Thursday evening.Zamparo pointed out that although the 250 store target is 10 times the current retail footprint, it represents just 185 new stores beyond what had already been announced, and much fewer than Alberta current store count of 326 stores.Ontario used a lottery system to award the first 67 licences, with eight licences allocated to First Nations groups. The lottery process was plagued with issues and even resulted in a lawsuit filed against the AGCO by 11 people who were disqualified from the process, one which was ultimately dismissed.Because of the limited number of licences, the lottery process generated a feeding frenzy of sorts, with big name licensed producers and retail chains rushing to craft deals sometimes worth millions with lottery winners in order to enter Ontario retail market in some way.The new rules will limit retail operators to own a maximum of 10 stores currently, a cap that will increase to 30 by Sept. 2020 and 75 by Sept.

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