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Everyone would suffer from it at one point or another in their lifetime. Some infections are minor which don cause many problems, while some others won get treated easily at home. Wearing a pair of glasses with a blue light filter has many benefits and you can use them as fashion glasses too.

While something certainly needs to be done about the leaks, the polygraph is an unreliable method of detecting leakers. As the Project On Government Oversight has noted, studies have shown that tests that are sensitive enough to spot liars will also mark large numbers of innocent people as guilty. There is also a threat that the polygraph will be turned into yet another retaliation tool against whistleblowers, who still do not have adequate protection at many intelligence and security agencies..

In 1994, I moved to Delhi at around the same time that Mahajan decided to also focus on national politics, leaving the Maharashtra BJP in the hands of his brother inlaw, Gopinath Munde. By now, he was the rising star of the party, the president of its Yuva Morcha, a leader with unquestioned organisational skills, oodles of energy, first rate oratory and the ability to network across the political and corporate worlds; someone who could have breakfast with the prime minister in Delhi, lunch with Jayalalithaa in Chennai and dine with the Ambanis in Mumbai. Recognition of these qualities saw him become the country youngest defence minister in Vajpayee illfated 13 day government, and then, in the 1998 to 2004 NDA government, the third most important man in the government (after the BJP big two) as the prime minister Lakshman, his man for all seasons.

The catalogue, as Bayly goes on to point out, tells a story, a story that he attempts to capture in this pronouncement: East India Company suppressed open warfare, unified the subcontinent and introduced a new legal system (p. 11). Since no one doubts that the suppression of warfare is a good thing, and since the other accomplishments stand in apposition to it, one must suppose that the unification of the subcontinent and the introduction of a legal system were likewise commendable achievements.

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