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Why am I writing about discovering oneself? Because I am also walking my own path of self exploration and acceptance. Practicing gratitude, focusing on the quality of my breath or simply sitting down and sorting my thoughts helps me to be more content in my everyday life. I am trying different tools to learn how to be more flexible, trusting and accepting, as well as sharing what I practice.

McDonald’s Corporation11:09, 6 DEC 2019Loyal customer Ian Scates, 62, from Hampshire, has slammed the fast food giants and vowed never to return after he was wrongly fined by a parking company it usesMcDonald’s CorporationLife long vegetarian fuming after finding chicken in McDonald’s veggie wrapEvie Topping was shocked when she found her veggie goujon replaced by a chicken fillet in her wrap at a Nottingham city centre fast food chainThe Apprentice’Posh’ Apprentice star Ryan Mark baffles fans as he eats McDonald’s with a knife and forkFired Apprentice candidate Ryan Mark Parsons was spotted tucking into a McDonald’s with some silver cutleryStarbucksFestive hot drinks contain up to 23 spoonfuls of sugar here are the worst offendersExperts from Action on Sugar have looked at the sugar and calorie content of festive drinks and found the worst offender contains 23 spoonfuls of sugarTravelodgeMum forced to sleep in Ford Fiesta with 2 sons and cat who lived on parcel shelfTracey Maragh sat in the driver’s seat while one of her children slept in the reclined passenger seat and the other lay across the backseat. Now they are forced to ‘live on noodles’ in a Birmingham TravelodgeMcDonald’s CorporationMcDonald’s trick to eat full meal with one hand divides fast food fansMcDonald’s posted a diagram of the hack which it claimed would allow customers to enjoy a ‘one handed meal’ but some were convinced the trick would see their precious food fall on the floorMcDonald’s CorporationFour diners mistakenly win 100,000 jackpot on McDonald’s Monopoly gameThe incident happened as McDonald’s was testing a promotional app giving a chance to two customers to win up to 100,000 but the testers left the program open for too longWeight loss success storiesSize 18 mum sheds 5st in as many months after devastating comment from her little boySammy Kelly promised herself she wouldn’t miss another milestone in her children’s lives afterward the terrible day, and she made huge changes to her lifeMcDonald’sMcDonald’s is giving away free Christmas storybooks here’s how to get oneThis month, fast food giant McDonald’s will be giving away festive children’s story books for free. Here are full details of how to get your hands on oneMcDonald’s CorporationMcDonald’s security guard kicks ‘drunk’ man in the face as he lay on floorShocking footage shows the man being kicked in the head outside a McDonald’s in Leeds city centre after he and his friends allegedly tried to assault security guards and threw bottles at the doorsMcDonald’s CorporationWoman with severe cheese allergy says local McDonald’s served it to her 10 timesGeorgina Heyburn, 43, says she always specifies that she does not want cheese on her burger when she makes an UberEats order at the fast food restaurant in Hayes, south east LondonMcDonald’s CorporationMcDonald’s cleaners miss man who ‘lay dead in a cubicle for more than a day’An unnamed 48 year old man reportedly died while in the cubicle of McDonald’s in Neu Anspach, a town in the Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany and wasn’t found for more than 24 hoursPizzaPapa Johns now has a Christmas dinner pizza and a pigs in blankets side dishPapa John’s festive menu is here and it includes a Christmas dinner pizza, pigs in blankets and mince pie scrolls, plus a special meal deal with homelessness charity CrisisMcDonald’s CorporationSecrets of man who re mortgaged home to buy first McDonald’s and now owns ten.

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