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Aps uma longa viagem de volta, na qual nosso beb comportou se como um rapazinho, chegamos em casa. J supondo que ele estaria com muita vontade de fazer suas necessidades, colocamos um jornalzinho na rea de servio e foi pra l que o bichinho correu. Fez seu xixi e coc de diarria.

It was an instructive lesson on who comprised the heart and soul of the Airplane’s actual music, and the various Hot Tuna permutations since that time have ratified the alchemistical connection between Jorma and Jack. This 50th anniversary show (the eponymous disc dropped in May 1970) has the potential to be as profound as it is poignant. All ages.

We review the tantalising prospect that the first evidence for the dark energy driving the observed acceleration of the Universe on giga parsec scales may be found through metre scale laboratory based atom interferometry experiments. To do that, we first introduce the idea that scalar fields could be responsible for dark energy and show that in order to be compatible with fifth force constraints these fields must have a screening mechanism which hides their effects from us within the solar system. Particular emphasis is placed on one such screening mechanism known as the chameleon effect where the field’s mass becomes dependent on the environment.

The butte stands, Dutton wrote, the midst of a great throng of cloister like buttes, with the same noble profiles and strong lineaments as those immediately before us, with a plexus of awful chasms between them. In such a stupendous scene of wreck it seemed as if the fabled might find an abode not wholly uncongenial. Adopted the most popular representations of Shiva as a fearful God, and the iconography is extended so far as to suggest that the is accompanied by lesser gods, only slightly less forbidding in their demeanor.Dutton understanding of Hinduism was undoubtedly a text book understanding of the faith, however remarkable it is that he should have at all have chosen the names of Hindu gods to illustrate his belief that splendor and grace of Nature architecture were never more at display than at the Grand Canyon.

The BSE Sensex fell 71 points, or 0.17 percent, to 40,939 while the Nifty 50 closed with losses of 33 points, or 0.27 percent, at 12,054. BSE Midcap and Smallcap closed with losses of 0.46 percent and 0.20 percent, respectively.A long negative candle was formed today with a gap up opening, which indicates the formation of the dark cloud cover type candle pattern. Technically, the formation of such a pattern at the swing highs or near the hurdles could indicate further weakness in the market ahead.”The short term trend of Nifty indicates, it is on the verge of a downward reversal.

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MARAH BABILI, 19Damascus to Germany I’ve had [the doll]since I was a child. I couldn’t leave her behind. Now she’s a refugee, too. This was assessed based on offense recidivism rates and disclosure; self reported utility was also considered. Nineteen studies were identified from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands with no randomized controlled trials identified. Overall, there was a significant increase in relevant disclosures associated with the polygraph.

It all about showcasing independent thought, mainstream preferences and progressive politics in your attire. Your attire must depict you as someone creative, intelligent, thoughtful and witty; as desired by a hipster. Think on the lines of the “indie culture” and “bohemian style” and you are close to choosing perfect attire for the occasion..

To promote and nourish entrepreneurship, many countries invest in entrepreneurship education and actively encourage young people to innovate with a view to solving everyday problems. While entrepreneurship can be taught, it needs a robust ecosystem centres, experienced mentors, legal support for intellectual property development and protection, knowledge of creating business plans, pitching and fundraising. Building these elements into formal curricula will go a long way..

(EN) Lorsqu s de vitamines ou de suppl quotidiens, la plupart d nous pr prendre une pilule plus facile avaler. Il n pas surprenant que les multivitamines g ne soient plus simplement r qu enfants; les formules pour adultes ont gagn en popularit au cours des derni ann les options les plus r se concentrant sur des nutriments particuliers et plus r sur les probiotiques. Si vous n pas encore essay les probiotiques g poursuivez votre lecture pour d s peuvent vous convenir..

My consumer product marketing consulting firm counsels dozens of entrepreneurs every year. Very often, these admirable, ambitious go getters are driven to be as big as they can be, as fast as they can be. Our advice to lay a strong foundation, test market, re test market, change marketing strategies to insure feasibility and secure a rock solid of product life often goes for naught.

Call quality wise, both smartphones had no echo or distortion for both incoming and outgoing calls. Data speed wise, they were both comparable as well, as both are 4G LTE enabled smartphones. When it comes to battery performance, the Droid RAZR surprisingly lasts a little longer than the Rezound.

Isothermal oxidation tests of the free standing coatings were carried out at 1100 C for times up to 250 h. The phase depletion behaviour at the surface was measured and was also simulated using Thermo Calc and DICTRA software. An A1 flux function derived from an oxide growth model was employed as the boundary condition in the diffusion model.

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For a pair of dressier flats for the mature woman who cannot wear heels, pick up the Nina flats. These peep toe flats are complete with an all over gold metallic treatment on the leather. What a beautiful choice for a woman who needs a great pair of flats that are formal enough for an evening out on the town after you get out of work! The patent leather, snake print embossed leather features a peep toe front and a decorative buckle at center front.

Position this is simply the position at which you want the rezzed object to appear. You are limited to a range of about 10m from the center of the object doing the rezzing, unless something has changed since the last time I checked. Using llGetPos() simply creates the rezzed object at the exact position as the rezzing object.

The only possible treatment for diabetes is reducing blood sugar in some way, and all the carbs you eat become sugar as you digest them. No, it got to be the sugar. Dr House always says if you hear hoofbeats, it won be zebras.. 3 My party wear collection would include well fitting denims and a sexy V neck T shirt. I like to keep it simple even at a party. If there is a theme for the party I go by the theme.

But it quickly becomes apparent that there more to Sanji than meets the eye and the reader is clearly meant to root for him. In a lot of series, that would automatically make Patty in the wrong. But he not. Which came first: bread or beer? The question remains unresolved, but evidence suggests barley was first cultivated about 10,000 years ago the same time humans were abandoning the hunter gatherer lifestyle and sowing the seeds of civilization. What was the catalyst for the transition? A steady supply of barley bread is one possibility. Brewing copious amounts of barley beer is another..

“The article references 180 reported incidents,” the statement read. “These occurred over a span of 15 plus years and 125 million massages. But, we believe that even ONE incident is too many, so we are constantly listening, learning, and evaluating how we can continue to strengthen our policies with respect to handling of these issues.”.

4. Single or Set? Towels may be procured individually or in sets. Since you are seeking a large number of people it is just normal that you buy in sets right? Be very watchful in setting the deal in your purchase. An October post stating Adolf Hitler the risk of keeping these Jews alive and wanted to just wanted to wipe them out to clear garbage. A comment on a May Facebook post about a California mosque closing because of alleged permit violations: need some violent offensive frontline defenses. Then they will consider everything without question and won dare make these decisions..

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The next morning, I started calling stores. Most of the shopping was done in “tax free” New Hampshire. But a few items were hard to find in the Granite State, so I priced them out in Boston, where sales taxes run 5 percent. And Baccigalupi, C. And Ballardini, M. And Bartolo, N.

Christie, by the way, called criticism of his comments “ridiculous” on Fox News Sunday. Self deportation), they will not pay attention to our next sentence. It does not matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies.”.

All you’ve got doing to Power Mastery0;s to follow som stps below: Step 1: Make a few mdifications Step 2: Upload or files Step 3: Send some trafficWhy if You Get Mind Power Mastery Now? You will put away a lot of tim and cash because all of the perseverance in crating this possible best seller happens to be dne for ou: eBook DONE Checklist, rsources, mindmp DONE PrfessionallA designed layouts DONE Ready made web page, lead magnet nd opt in pge DONE step by step video lessons on establishing it all up! + a lot more!Morover, there are several explanations why you ought to have this system:High Quality Content Copyscape Passed 100%: be assured knowing tht this content produed is original and never plagirized, recyled or opied. Simply include Aour purchase btton and code. It is all abut Private Label Rights and gtting your product that is first up running.

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. There are at least five other sources that contribute heavily to PM2.5, and all of them need to be controlled. However, some of them, such as burning of crop stubble, garbage and biomass, have been even tougher to enforce. Others, like industrial combustion in power and cement sectors, have norms that need stricter enforcement.

I led Centar statistiki podaci Tache propusti odnosa,ray ban 3387 zagreb,ray ban shop zagreb,ray ban naoale kvaliteta, sijenja ove publikacije Yuanjie uiteljica,ray ban naoale zenske,police sunane naoale 2012, kada je u pitanju upravljanje imovinom jo uvijek smo dosta udno. Maraton svjetski prvak neoekivano prisustvovao metara utrke. U ovoj konferenciji,ray ban naoale muske, Svaki put kada pogoditi pravi golf ljuljaka vjebe..

Redness of the skin can also be a sign of Lupus, or other auto immune problems. Menopause is caused by hormone levels fluctuating and this can lead to your body temperature either going up or down according to how the hypothalmus is working. This is a normal side effect of menopause but should always be checked out by your GP to check that it isn’t something else causing the flushing..

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We recognize Smart Money’s statement above is directed at the TV weather profession (as opposed to internet weather reporting, CWG style) but we don’t think it’s a fair characterization. Smart Money carries on about how you don’t need a degree in meteorology to do weather on TV, that TV weather people make a ton of money, don’t do their own forecasts, and that style is often more important than substance. There is some truth in all of this but the reverse is also true: many TV weather forecasters have at least some training in meteorology, spend a lot of time producing their own forecasts, earn much less than 100K/year, and provide scientifically rich content.

I’m also really grateful to my mum, sister and grandparents who have been tremendous at helping me with practical thing such as washing, cooking and cleaning (as well as cooing at the babies). It was hard when Anthony went back to work after paternity leave, but we are settling in at home now. The only time the babies have kicked up a fuss so far was when I tried to put them in separate Moses baskets.

Cannes, in many ways, has turned in on itself. It’s become a carnival midway of commercial attractions. Near the Palais, where the main business of the festival is conducted, you can’t get an unobstructed view of the sky for all the white plastic tents that hug the Esplanade during the festival.

Two different retail tariffs are compared: a time of use tariff (Economy 7) and a real time pricing tariff including four periods based on the electricity prices on the wholesale market. Additionally, the economic benefits are quantified when projected to two different years: 2020 and a hypothetical zero carbon year.The findings indicate that the optimum PbA capacity was approximately twice the optimum Li ion capacity in the case of the real time pricing tariff and around 1.6 times for Economy 7 for any community size except a single home. The levelised cost followed a negative logarithmic trend while the internal rate of return followed a positive logarithmic trend as a function of the size of the community.

Her right eye always turned inward since she was a baby but her pediatrician assured us that she would outgrow it. It wasn until she went into kindergarten that her pediatrician became concerned and performed a vision screening. We found that she can not see well at all out of that eye.

Hemoglobin is responsible for supplying oxygen to the different parts of the body. The different molecules of hemoglobin are divided into four subunits, each consisting of an iron atom. Recently, how the TP53 gene is mutated and the role of these mutations in the diagnosis of clinical prospects revealed.

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MTS Blaze 4.5 Hits Indian Store at Affordable Price LevelSet to target entry level users in Indian market, MTS Blaze 4.5 price has been set at Rs. 9980 during the initial period. The smartphone comes with 4.5 inch screen, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS and FM radio for entertainment on the go for its potential users..

At the end with the day, purchase what you possibly can afford, ensure the clothes are reasonable tough wearing and put together properly. Dressing modest children ought to be practical, it looks silly to set a time to dress your infant crawl, since it likely will stop after they need to be brought to their knees over a dress! What do young individuals wear, well that may be another thing for birthdays and Christmas to occur in handy to purchase pricey clothes or trainers present, this can be a very good compromise. Trends to cut and change like the wind so young, after the infant is young to appreciate their colorful clothing dress sort you have chosen, at least not be afraid to lose the way I think!Different Kinds of Women Medieval Clothing DesignsHow to Clean Light Coloured Leather HandbagsT Shirt Retailing and the Power of Social MediaEverything You Need To Know About Buying T shirts OnlineHow Your Clothing Is A Piece Of ArtThe Revolutionary Styles of T Shirts For Men and WomenWhy Buy T shirts Online?Styles of Safety GlassesColombian EmeraldsThe Past is oh so Very NowMurano Glass Charms Are the Foundation of My Charm Collecting AddictionBoot Styles, High Heel Shoes And Sandals Are Really A Woman s Most Effective CompanionDesigner watches just luxury items or necessity5 Nail Styles to Try in 2011Show Style This Summer By Sporting A TankiniNeed A New Bathing Suit? Get A Modest TankiniBe Modest On The Beach In A Modest TankiniHow to Choose Gucci Sunglasses for This SummerMontblanc Twist with Celebrities and PersonalitiesHow To Purchase Ray Ban SunglassesWomen Gothic Clothing CostumesBe Prepared Pack Your Hunter Wellies for Your Summer Break!The Practical Pant SuitTop 10 snug and warm women s winter coats stylesUGG BootsTry A Banded Collar Dress Shirt For A Business Casual Day At WorkSome Information About Fine Jewelry For EveryoneCorneliani The Fashion HouseGreek Helmets by Armor VenueAxl Rose Costume.

BenefitsUniversal Credit good and bad news in store after Conservative general election winThe Conservatives won, but apart from getting Brexit “done”, what are their plans for people claiming benefits such as Universal Credit? This is what we know so farMike AshleyMike Ashley explains ‘the truth’ about Debenhams and House of Fraser collapseOver the past year Sports Direct has been involved in some of the highest profile shop collapses and scandals in Britain and now chairman Mike Ashley has explained exactly what he thinks has gone onHousehold BillsWater bills to be slashed for households after industry watchdog steps inWater regulator Ofwat has told suppliers leaks as well as bills have to fall as it unveiled its plans for the next 5 years including cutting pollution, protecting from floods and helping people in needEnergy billsEnergy firm hands refunds to thousands of customers after charging them too muchEnergy firm iSupply will also pay 1.5million for its failings, regulator Ogem said. “Suppliers must treat their customers fairly . Or face the consequences.”Car insuranceWhy putting Christmas decorations on your car could cost you thousandsYou might think the Rudolph antlers or Santa stickers are cute, but they could make you thousandsand thousands of pounds poorer and even void your insuranceShopping adviceSix ways to get discounts on designer gear that’s not in the salesYou don’t need to wait for sales to begin to get a good deal when shopping for designer goods so we’ve rounded up six of the best ways to pay less for premium products that work year roundEasyJetEasyJet refused to pay us back after last minute cancellation cost us thousandsExclusive: Cardiology nurse Margaux Isbecque had booked travel to Venice from Gatwick Airport witheasyJeton 27July 2018 alongside three friends, but it later turned into a departure from hellChristmas party6 ways you can get sacked on the spot at the work Christmas partyThere are six things that could see you sacked on the spot at your office Christmas party even though you’re not in the office at the time you do them.

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There’s a sugar coated irony to this, though: a 2015 Australian Health Survey published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed nearly 60 per cent of Australian doctors were overweight or obese, while more than 13 per cent of doctors drink more alcohol than the recommended daily intake. If I were tempted to sermonise to the AMA, I might quote Luke 4:23 to the good doctors: “Physician, heal thyself”. As to the proposal itself, international experience suggests making sugary drinks more expensive will make no difference to our girths..

Exist to serve athletes. We know that if there is no planet there is no sport, a Nike spokesperson told CNN Business in an emailed statement. A more sustainable future requires companies of all sizes to think holistically, innovate solutions and adopt the principles of circularity.

Commence off with a flash lens to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. It really is the best way to introduce a statement style with no being also overly ambitious with your style risk. Pop the lenses into the frames. Concrete structures show significant loss of strength when heated above 300C. This study aimed at investigating whether terrestrial laser scanning can be used to detect fire damaged concrete using specimens heated up to 1000C as it is important to estimate the maximum temperature attained in a fire. The results obtained from the study clearly demonstrated the feasibility of using terrestrial laser scanning to detect fire damaged concrete via modelling and analysis of laser returned intensity.

They tend to be colourful, bright and very attractive. In other words, they’re crowd pleasers. Happy, vibrant and outgoing. The case has gone unsolved for decades, but Keen determined that her killer was a man named Jeffrey Lynn Hand through dogged research and advancements in DNA testing. The Indianapolis Zoo helped residents get an early start on spring cleaning by recycling their electronics. On Saturday, March 16.

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This just sucks. I hope everyone can find their friends. And that maybe we get justice. Some retailers may offer unbelievable pricing, but they are not match in the quality department. This is why it pays for business men and women to shop at higher end stores for their business shirts. You will pay more now but you will get more wear out of the shirt because it will not fade or fall apart.

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Aww a shamrock. Not because luck but because love! Why? The bride is irish!!! So to remind people that there a wedding let put it on everyone stories! And what about the groom? What about his country national symbol? Well, maybe they lost track of the number of nationalities he has. Understandable.

This is what Abbott is staring down now. But sometimes you simply need to learn to look at a problem in a different light. And sometimes staying in control comes with the ability to make concessions. This is of course not necessarily a popular view. The alternative Internet media is often relentlessly gloomy. One is bombarded daily with information about the 5,000 year old evil of the Illuminati, the impossibility of stopping the New World Order, the invulnerability of the world’s great banking families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who are said to control tens or even hundreds of trillions..

(The town of Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park themselves were named by the Lenni Lenape Indians, who called the largest lake in the area tucseto, meaning either place of the bear or clear flowing water.) Black tuxedo is today worn at a large gathering, and the corresponding female attire can range from a short cocktail dress to a long gown, depending on trend, local custom and the hour at which the function takes place. Single versus double breasted coat). Nonetheless, so far as a convention exists, it is that black tie properly consists of: Black short coat with silk (ribbed or satin) lapels (peaked or shawl collared), usually without vents.

Michael Costello, after dramatically abandoning his original red design, created a rather fierce garment, a definite contender for the win. He took a black dress and made it stand out. Bravo, Michael. DANCE TONIGHT at. The Aragon. HALL, Marie and Johnnie’s Old Time and Modern Dance.

Follow Piers Morgan Tonight on TwitterI watched this interview so typical they would blame a Doctor for MJs drug problem. Would seem that family never forced him into any type of rehab but they sure are cashing in on him now!! His own sister would go on talk shows and thrash her brother for money so he was nothing more than a cash cow in that family and still is. His Mom appeared to be the only one that cared for him yet she could not fight the head family bully.

This graduate program is designed for those individuals who want to make a difference in the global world of Human Resource Development (HRD). Students examine e learning tools; build an understanding of adult learning theory and organization dynamics, practice research and productivity measurement techniques, and gain new insights into career development/talent management. The focus is on critical thinking, understanding theoretical foundations, developing instructional design strategies and using assessment techniques to measure program effectiveness, impact, and continuous quality improvement in diverse organizations.

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If you have software programs that produce numeric error codes now you can find out what they really mean. After reading through these post, Fred S, who took a more analytical approach to solving this issue, has proved what i believe is the issue Memory leaks. I have run this game with the max 3gig of memory that my board allows and found that Generals still manages to fill this over a period of time, resulting in the game crashing.

Miraflex manufactures non metallic eyeglass frames which reduce the likelihood of injury to the eye area. An adjustable band keeps the eyeglasses secure and centered, so the child’s vision is always clear. The bridge of the eyeglasses is designed to fit the anatomy of young children, who typically have flatter nasal bridges than adults.

One is Doe vs Nestle, Cargill and ADM and the other is LAMPERS vs. Hershey. I believe these are top news items regarding this issue and will be happy to communicate more with you.. He came and picked me up, we went to his house and watched a couple of films. I felt absolutely no spark. I’m sure he didn’t either.

For medium sized airports, a common choice for this is a pre departure sequencer (PDS). In this paper, we describe the design and requirements challenges which arose during our development of a PDS system for medium sized international airports. Firstly, the scheduling problem is highly dynamic and event driven.

Launched in 1958, the Edmund Fitzgerald was a cargo freighter. At 729 feet, she was the largest vessel ever to sail on the great lakes and for seventeen years, that’s what she did. On the night of her disappearance, the Big Fitz was fully loaded with a cargo of taconite pellets bound for a steel mill in Michigan.

Duas a 3 publicaes dirias sugerido. Precisa apostar em publicaes bem ao alvorecer, no comeo da ardil, porm similarmente ampere tarde e ao preo de chona. Se voc um retratista por outra forma desenhista de produto, por exemplo, com certeza gostar dele.

Les hasards de la vie ont fait que j’ai frquent quelques hommes politiques. Mais je reconnais qu’il n’y a nulle trace de tout cela dans les vingt livres que j’ai crits. On me le reproche souvent. And Partridge, B. And Pasian, F. And Patanchon, G. The worst mistake you can do with your blooming belly is hide it amongst big baggy oversized clothes. This does not hide your size it just accentuates it. Pre pregnancy I was not a fan of tight clothing and lycra has never been my friend.

A multilevel statistical analysis of the data considering factors that were experimentally manipulated (fixed effects) and variables that changed over time (random effects) confirmed a statistically significant and practically relevant effect of time of day on subjective evaluations of glare sensation. The influences detected showed a tendency towards an increasing tolerance to discomfort from daylight glare as the day progresses. In addition, the variances associated with temporal variables were found to partially confound the effect of time of day on glare response.

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Ask: Kho kh n ng nh b l b c th th s th v likes]M t sau n m k cho t bi r tr t m t c m ng anh trai, nh do c b kh l n b vi ph b l t b s b r t l m ng m t kh tin nh b t tin, b t n ph thai sau b n t xem b , th b n tr n tuy kh ng t sinh ra t m b vi B Kinh, v 3h47 ph s R nhi n sau b t ch v m t v n th b xem kh chu Ha ha , do v t c b l t m l m ng trong m th gian d c kh ng n v m ng r th ra t l m ng b h ti h c t kh tin th t s n r : kh ph t n l b t n v nh khi m cai s t g v s c b n n nh nh l r nhi l v t r b m t ph ph B kinh, nh l nh n ba ng kh v th m g t t qu ch bao gi cu s t n s t v B Kinh.H nh n t c qu kh n t n r : con th n kh ngoan, b m con s kh v con n nh c n n t ti nh m c r t c n t c h h c t qu th n v t c n ch c t ngh m ch th h s nh nh l : kh nghe l th b m con s kh con v B Kinh L t th r c l l c tr ph t nh nh v t n khi em g t ra t bi tin n r ph kh r l t t cu s t l r v t c th tr v B Kinh, v v t mong ng t ng t gi ch cho cu n b m v t L c n m c h n n trong kho th gian t bi hi r ngoan ngo b t th ch t t l m ng kh ra l trong l t r lo s t s t kh nghe l th nh h kh v n g cu n t l c h h th ch t c s s nh b qu y th nh ra, t c d ti ti ki n n nay mua m c balo, t mu khi b m v th t c th mang theo lu nh b qu y th b m v h d theo em g em g x tr tay m chi vali nh m h b trong l nh b v c ch l t kh h bi r m chi v c n c th mua c t qu c t h t ch ch l tr m b t r l l nh khi em g n n l t c vui v b n t khuy u nhi r nh ng h h kh th ng xung quanh v c n chuy v nh c chuy thu nh t ng m g l nghe, c kh bi n l g Trong t to l nh suy ngh l ch h t t s B Kinh.H xu ph b m d tay em g ra, t balo thep sau h c l c m chi xe h ra b t chi xe t nh ra, n n c l chi xe chi xe m tr x tr s k d m n kh nh th r ph trong.B m b em g l xe, c t tr xe nh h B t nhi quay l nh t v n : l g th t th s kh bi tr l th n c xe l ti c r to. T kh nh r b trong, ch nghe ti b l xe kh xe r h xu ph v h B h c c c nh h l d r khu kh t nh T t h qu n ch c l Ch m l , t b kh khi th r t th ra l cho d t c nghe l ch n th h c s kh t l B Kinh c ch v nh tr l gi n kh kh m l t mu b nh ra T h c trong phim, t m t gi tr v vi l 3 ch : sau b t c l v ph nam, t c t r ch c qua qu n kia l B Kinh r nhi n sau t m bi r sau qu n v l n sau n l m con s r T Ph Ki B Kinh ph kho 2030km ph qua m tr c l c t m b kh d n m chi xe tr s kia c kh theo k nh kho c kh ph c n l l c th theo k sau, m t ti t mang thai, do b t qu b kh c th gian ch s m n nh b n l ch s l ngh h n kh l theo.l l ti t ng t h t b t ra, b t l xe ra ch t v nh v l xe v n chuy v b n c t d v c k ng nh phong c b ngo nh c kh th c g qu kh bi nh t m bi r c nh m n c ba ph b m m ph em g m ph c m ph tr l gi cho em trai s sinh. Tr n ti vi c m khung trong l m mang thai, b m vest v c c tay em g tr h c r h ph nh n nh th r to l h nh kh c ch cho t n khi l t cu c B kinh h b vi c t tr b c tr t c nhi gi th t r vui m mang gi th v nh nh b t ch li m c r v cho t 10 t d s ti mua m quy s vi nh k b trong c ghi ch nh l khen ng c th gi d cho t th ch c vi sau n t s b b m nh th n t gi v qu tr b ngo ph kh b t ch bao gi m ra.kh bao gi hi k v t c kh bao quan t c v ri t c t trong l t hi r kh ph l m s t tr v t m l m s l l th kh di t t ngh ch kh bi c l m b .