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Designs have also moved on and the vast majority of smartphones are now candy bar form factor with a large dominant display. The battle to produce the slimmest device has certainly been raging. For a long time the Apple iPhone claimed the top spot, but at 0.37 inches it looks positively chubby next to the Droid RAZR.

I remember when I was 17, and a size 8, thinking that I was fat, and then at 23 and a size 10 (and a young mother) still thinking that I was fat. What I wouldn’t give now to have that so called ‘fat’ body again (I blame 4 kids and lack of sleep for my current curves). So looking at it now it really is all about perspective, but cracking that negative body image is easier said than done..

To the person or people responsible for placing fill in a floodway for Abrams Creek in Wyoming, and coal for not coming forward and taking responsibility. The state Department of Environmental Protection closed out a complaint about the blocked floodway this week after the fill was removed by the borough earlier this month. It may seem like a simple matter, but anyone who has seen the devastation of floods too common in this area knows how dangerous even a modest change in the flood protection system can bring serious damage to properties and homes.

But such anxiety has greatly lessened right now. Indeed, polling consistently suggests that even in countries without a sustained tradition of government action against inequality, a large public appetite now exists for measures to tackle it. Such measures, stretching from sharp increases in minimum wages to the nationalisation of major public utilities, enjoy majority support in many democracies..

The show impact was so major that it has often been suggested that it helped to bridge relations between the two countries. What people respond to is the universality of the themes, coupled with the unique perspective of this one particular culture. It fresh, without being quite foreign.

There a Peace Wapiti Academy logo embedded on the gym floor behind the Titans bench stating its intentions as of the Titans. The boys hoops team plays with the pace and energy they displayed during the home opener, the gym is going to be an advantage all season. A veritable hoops stronghold..

According to the new annualMatchOffice Client Survey 2019, the popularity of flexible office space continues to grow, gaining 63% of new tenants. But at the same time, 54% of the respondents still stick to the privacy of a conventional office (50,4% in 2017).”In the global markets, commercial real estate experts agree that the demands for flexible office space will continue to generate significant growth up through the next decade. The coworking wave will definitely carry on to unfold huge future potentials..

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But there no reason John Q. Prole has the inherent “right” to wander around aimlessly any campus building he wants to anymore than he can do the same at any other State of Michigan office, even though those are “public” buildings. I have asked for more information from Diane Brown, campus police spokesperson for DPS.

Pe l analiza preferinele personale. Acestea sunt factori importani care iubitorii de sport.1 Baoji Cummins ochelari Ltd i putem oferi o perspectiv mai larg de curbur mare a cristalinului i altele asemenea. Ochelari de soare de top zece branduri,ochelari de soare john galliano,ochelari ray ban reduceri Police,ochelari de soare ken block, v rece de moda va fi zgarieturi mai intense,reparatii ochelari ray ban bucuresti, cultura de dans,Police ochelari de copiat,modele ray ban,Police rame ochelari ieftine, 268 yuani comentariu doar produs: A c Best Tara de atribuire c de muzic Talor Swift a fost afirmat muzic,ochelari polarizati abu garcia,magazine de ochelari,ochelari video Police, aceleai juctori cu autocarul a luat transform,Police ochelari vedere,ray ban clubmaster romania,V rugm sign in Sunshine ( lentile din plastic ordinare.

‘He takes us to lunch, then on a literary walking tour, then up the stairs of some famous pub and there waiting are the Dubliners. They play for five hours, my son sits in on guitar, we drink Guinness As night fell, Bono sprang one more surprise in the person of the musician actor Kris Kristofferson. ‘And he didn’t just sing me Happy Birthday,’ Penn says, his eyes twinkling.

More Than A FriendNotes: I want to say thank you to those of you who let me know what y’all were wanting / hoping to happen in part 8, y’all inspired me on this part.Seeing Steve and Nancy together hurt. Seeing Steve laugh with another girl killed me, seeing him touch her, kiss her, smile with her killed me. It all killed me.

31 octubre, 2019La “CRUCIFIXIN” de los 12 “APSTOLES” del PROCS da INICIO a una nueva ETAPA en el tema CATALN. / El LTIMO ADIS a CAMILO FELIPE VI y la exhumacin de FRANCO. / El RITUAL del POZO FAROLA del ABANDERADO de ESPAA en el DA de a HISPANIDAD. But to be fair, it literally an article on an e mail marketting website. Cheap plastic. Very poor fit.

Furthermore, reinforcement benefit is achievable at settlements as small as 0.2 0.4% of footing diameter for the geocell installations whereas settlements 4 to 5 times larger are needed before benefit is gained from a comparable planar geotextile system. To achieve comparable performances, the multi layered geocell requires 1/4 to 1/2 the mass of geosynthetic material as needed in the form of a multi layered planar geotextile reinforcement (depending on the settlement allowable). The multi layered geocell reinforcement needs considerably less parent geosynthetic (reducing transport and, perhaps supply costs) and reduces the size of reinforcement zone required, consequently reducing excavation and the amount of backfill required..

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Shares in Luxottica soared nearly 5% today in Rome. CEO Andrea Guerra told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the push to market will be in 2015 and that the Google partnership should help guarantee the eyewear maker annual growth of 5 to 10%. Google Glass is a computing device that includes a thumbnail sized screen above the wearer’s right eye to view Internet content..

I didn care. I was smoking weed in front of everybody, drinking at every contest. But when you realize that you affecting all these other people lives, it kind of makes you think a little more about what you do and what you say. She was awarded ‘Most Enthusiastic Performer Female Award’ at the 2014 Edison Awards for her performance in the Tamil film Arrambam. Taapsee impressed many with her performance in films like Pink, The Ghazi Attack, Judwaa 2 among others.23. Ayushmann KhurranaAyushmann Khurana is a common man’s hero, acting in films which deal with issues which a common man deals within his day to day life.

The receptionist phone hasn stopped buzzing. The attendant, a bearded man in his twenties, patiently directs all media queries to TNTJ leadership. Though Hindi is not the lingua franca here, he addresses everyone with the north Indian suffix. Specsmakers Opticians is offering a great deal this summer. On purchase of every frame, the customer can get their lenses absolutely free. The offer is valid across all range of frames starting from Rs.

“I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it,” said Feige in a statement to Variety. “Spider Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”.

The deal between Fox and Urban Decay is a new twist on product placement. You won’t find the nail polish, created to match the coat worn by Diaz in one of the movie’s romantic moments, on the actress’ nails in the scene that inspired it. The polish was created after the film wrapped and given as gifts at the film’s New York post premiere party.

Her needs, whatever they are, are my needs. I see her. I also see her needs toward me. Sonic Youth also took the stage confidently, performing a set spanning their own peculiar range of musics. They played several new songs, neither good nor interesting, that served to frame virtuosic noise breakouts they also used older, better songs for the same purpose. One highlight of the show was from a recent release “Goodbye Twentieth Century,” where the band constructs a noisescape worthy of their best efforts (although perhaps not at its best in the caverns of Ackerman).

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Joel Goodsen (Cruise) is a handsome high school senior with dreams of going to Princeton. While his parents are away on a trip, Joel decides to lose his virginity to a call girl, Lana (Rebecca DeMornay), an angel faced prostitute, and she rocks his world. Joel and best friend Miles (Curtis Armstrong) cook up a scheme to make money by bringing call girls to the undersexed friends at their high school.

Tang Xiaobing usually very busy, everywhere delivery receipt, we charge paid by the end of the event organizers take into account the Chen Xian Mei physically weak, and has been asking his family accompanied Tang Xiaobing very contradictory. More rumors about money. Time someone pick her journey, someone will talk she went to getting rewards.

This isn just about people losing their homes; people have died and will die, countless animals have already lost their lives and many more will still perish. Our land, our lives, and our hope is up in flames and will soon be nothing but ash. The annual fire season has not even begun yet.

The outside of the building id cast in intense red light; diagonal rafters frame the entrance. Inside leads to a hallway that is washed out in a blinding white and yellow light. A figure is implied in the shape of the white glow.]. “We are a very different organization than we were five years ago,” said Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s senior vice president of social responsibility. “We are a more knowledgeable organization, and we’ve spent an unbelievable amount of time diving into issues of domestic violence and sexual violence. It’s not a secret that was born out of a really tough time in our history.”.

And Moneti, A. And Montier, L. And Morgante, G. L’accompagnement est sale, hirsute, touffu, de plus en plus comptent au fil de cinq albums parus en moins de cinq ans. Les chansons, elles, n’ont rien de touffu:trs majoritairement, elles sont fort bien construites et interprtes par des bardes inspirs et fervents Mark Perro (chant, guitare, claviers), Nick Chiericozzi (chant guitares), Rich Samis (batterie), Kevin Faulkner (basse et guitare lap steel). Des hommes, des vrais!.

3. Which are the times when you think that you love her?Carla: From time to time, in the moments when she wakes up before me, also when she caresses my hair as if she were playing with it, although I don’t know what is the fun of it, but mysteriously her warmth feels comfortable. In that kind of moments is when I become aware of my own feelings once more..

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So you’ve decided that it’s time to get a great pair of Oakley sunglasses, but you’re unsure of just where to get them. Well, how about your living room? That’s right; you don’t even have to leave your home to get the hottest styles available from this designer sunglass maker. Just hop on the internet, and you’re sure to find the perfect pair of Oakleys.

“Look, we all hurt,” he said when asked about morale in the 103 year old charity during a visit to Dubbo this month. His candour about the impact of the organisation woes is matched by his determination to secure its future. READ ALSO: Tyrrell neighbour asked damaging questions As he continued the task at Dubbo, he appealed to the community to “keep supporting your RSL sub branch”.

Usability is a key element for wedding favors. But wrapped up in sheer organza and elegant designs, ‘around the house’ objects become lovely complements to your wedding reception. With a range of new, unique, and/or personalized wedding favors on the market, such as pizza cutters, honey pots, timers, ice cream scoops, piggy banks, and olive oil dispensers, brides are finding creative ways to thank their guests..

4 Ohio State winning streak is 19 games, currently tops in the nation. The Buckeyes still haven lost under coach Urban Meyer and if they can beat Penn State in Columbus on Saturday night, they have the second longest winning streak in school history. The longest is 22 set by Woody Hayes Buckeyes from 1967 69.

“I tell people that the jump is only part of it. You’re running as fast as you can so you can take off in a nine inch area and then you’re hurtling through the air, using a hitch kick, so you can land in sand. It’s not water. Once on the elevator with the woman of violence, he’s cracking a smile and leaning against the wall to look at her. “Oh, cheer up, Emo Freak. You know I’ll meet your sister if you want me to.

Dont le combat, loin d’tre une guerre, s’attache faire triompher la force morale. Pour Michelle PERROT : La construction d’une citoyenne, vritablement dmocratique, donc universelle, suppose la participation des femmes. Elle est un enjeu des temps qui viennent.

Performance: Snapdragon 855 is engineered to deliver industry leading performance and efficiency. It features our cutting edge Qualcomm Kryo 485 CPU built on Arm Cortex Technology, offering up to a 45% performance improvement over our previous generation flagship platform. The new Qualcomm Adreno 640 GPU provides up to 20% faster graphics than the previous generation while continuing to lead the industry in performance per watt.

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And Gonzlez Nuevo, J. And Gratton, S. And Gregorio, A. Que importa que mercadoria tenha briga e seja possvel ofert lo na providncia certa. Comments: 0Esse no certo artigo sobre gramticas ou livros de dicas. Um outro ambiente divertido que eu gosto e cita se a respeito do mesmo assunto nesse blog o site diagramao De livros sguerra.

Anopen source LMSis a great choice for small businesses and institutions that are looking for a budget LMS. This type of LMS is installed on the company’s server, as a result, the user has to take care of maintenance and data. In case the client needs additional functionalities, there is such availability a la carte.

A recent feature on Andreessen Horowitz in Forbes detailed the firm biggest misstep: losing Uber. Hours before they were set to sign a term sheet, the firm shifted, offering Uber a lower valuation than what had been promised. Kalanick, known already at that point for his disdain for investors, walked.

Horses are athletes, and athletes often perform to their competition, and react to their adversaries just like human athletes. Unless you put them in the gate you just don’t know. You can think, form a bias, have an opinion, but unless you race them, you don’t know.

Judge us all you like on that.AdamHeight: 6’2 Shoes: 11XO: Have you ever been asked to stuff a sock in your bulge on a modeling job?ADAM: [LAUGHTER] No, not yet. Hopefully, uh, that speaks for itself. I shouldn’t have to do that. When your eye doesn’t get enough fluid, it tells your nervous system to send some. That sometimes comes in the form of emergency tears, which don’t have the same nourishing balance as regular tears. Emergency tears with too much mucus can lead to strings of gunk in or around your eye..

Onboard the iconic pink plane were 160+ employee breast cancer survivors and fighters and 15 customers. Y we had the time of our lives, partying, dancing, and singing throughout the entire flight. Words don even describe how impactful and emotional the trip was, but check out my IG stories for some BTS fun!.

The most frequently reported drugs were hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide and bendroflumethiazide.Conclusions: Patients with thiazide induced hyponatraemia were characterized by advanced age, female gender, inappropriate saliuresis and mild hypokalaemia. Low BMI was not found to be a significant risk factor, despite previous suggestions. The time from thiazide initiation to presentation with hyponatraemia suggests that the recommended practice of performing a single investigation of serum biochemistry 7 “14 days after thiazide initiation may be insufficient or suboptimal.

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“I’m painfully camera shy,” reveals Ami. “But that means I can put the people I’m photographing at ease the way I would like to be put at ease. A lot of portrait photographers just jump in and want to get off home, but I like to make it like chatting with a friend.

In regard to furniture that will accompany the brass bed, keep it simple. If the bed is as in this photo, you can even use contemporary furniture with it. Keep the furniture simple in lines. The cost of this package is around 600 800 per person and depends on the negotiating skill. Although these bikers (local people) are quite experienced, I found it bit risky during monsoon. The track is by the side of the rail tracks.

Robin was nominated for a Juno Award in 2012 in the R Recording of the Year category for the song Lil Heart featuring Lil Wayne. He lost to Melanie Fiona, who was Robin co opener on the North American leg of Alicia Keys Freedom Tour in 2010.17. Robin is nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards this year (Video of the Year, Best Male Video, Best Collaboration) and three Teen Choice Awards (Male Artist, Single Male Artist, Summer Song).18.

At 96 weeks, 89 (58%) participants in the psychoeducation group had experienced a next bipolar episode compared with 98 (65%) participants in the peer support group; time to next bipolar episode did not differ between groups (hazard ratio [HR] 0.83, 95% CI 0.62 “1.11; p=0.217). Planned moderator analysis showed that psychoeducation was most beneficial in participants with few (one to seven) previous bipolar episodes (2; HR 0.28, 95% CI 0.12 “0.68; p=0.034). Optimum provision of structured psychological interventions, such as group psychoeducation, early in the course of bipolar disorder might have important benefits on the course of illness, and merits further research..

Black is always the classic color when it comes to sunglasses. People who are not very fashion conscious stick to black sunglasses to be on the safer side without much hassles. However, for people who are experimental and wish to play around with colors to suit every outfit of theirs, then the unisex sunglasses are the way to go.

Newsom will visit the first voting state Dec. 14 15 on behalf of Harris, his home state senator and longtime friend and political ally. His visit will come as Harris tries to claw back from single digits in the polls and defy the narrative that her campaign is collapsing ahead of the Feb.

While Apple has so far kept quiet on its plans for future watches, the company’s reputation for phasing out early generations is well established. It’s a frustration that anyone who has tried to charge a 2013 iPhone with a 2014 cord knows all too well, and it also highlights an important distinction: We buy technology for now but expect high end splurges to last a lifetime. A luxury watch in particular is a beloved artifact, the sort of accessory that is purchased to mark milestones and is often passed down between generations.

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Jio also has brought three new options that it calls the affordable prepaid plans. These plans start at Rs. 129 that brings 2GB of total high speed data, unlimited Jio to Jio calls, and 1,000 minutes of non Jio voice calls for 28 days. It is wise for individuals who endure from depression to find a interest. By getting involved in Thoughtful Suggestions And Methods To Beating The Blues or different activity, you’ll assist to keep your mind off of the destructive feelings you might have. Attempt to get a good friend or family member to hitch you in this activity..

Whether you desire to own a pair of Dior shades or a Prada it does not matter as long as it complements the face shape. Theright pair of sunglassesprotects your eyes and adds a touch edge to your look. It is a wonderful way to show your personal style statement.

However, unlike Google Glass, ION Glasses has a very limited set of features. It doesn’t respond to voice commands, nor does it have built in speakers or headphones, bone conductive or otherwise. They can’t be used for making a phone call or dictating a text message, only to be notified that the owner’s smartphone has received a message or that an important date is in the agenda..

I didn cry which kinda surprised me. Maybe I was too tired. Hikaru did get a little teary eyed during the Kalafina section but aside from that, she was mostly happy and excited. Top international carriers like Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines are among those that will have to implement the ban. Officials said intelligence terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation by explosive devices in various consumer items. The officials declined to provide specific information on the threat or why these particular airports were selected..

The NEC gave me a free ticket. The Evening Mail said they could. And Sting rocked with a minimal set that autumn and included Purple Haze from Jimi Hendrix and even a piece of Classical music as an introduction to King of Pain. There are also clinics who offer ketamine intravenously. An initial set of treatment sessions of ketamine infusion runs anywhere from $4,000 $8,000, with regular booster treatments needed every month or two. This form of newer treatment is rarely covered by health insurance.

Brad and Doug boss (Nick Offerman) says this narc program been resurrected because the department is out of ideas. You titter, but you worry. It been 15 minutes, and the movie already doesn think much of itself. There are a number of people who understand the hazards of smoking but are unable to kick the habit. Such people are looking for ways and means to give up smoking. Earlier, inhalers and nicotine patches have been used as alternate methods to get over the smoking habit.

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From the airport out, everything was brand new, from the roads, trains, hotels, and sidewalks to the Olympic venues, stadiums, ski resorts, cross country center, ski jumps and bobsled tracks. Some estimates have the total number of workers over 70,000. And the world came and camped out in your town.

People who want to hang out do, if not, they leave,” says Toste. “I created a clientele who liked what I did and kept coming back.” Today, at Deep Ellum, he serves everyone from “mohawks to suits” and his cocktails are stirred, not shaken, with fresh twists and juices, and cool spirits. “We handpick everything; there’s no brand loyalty.”.

The optimism that colored my first week in Jordan, as I experienced Souk Ukaz and Amman’s vision of itself as an up and coming cultural center, suddenly changed hues as the events of September 11th left the world in shock and mourning. This tragedy was put in a different context, however, with the realization that people here in the Middle East have been living for decades with violence and the painful disruption to daily life that it brings. As an American, I have been granted the luxury of peace and political stability, and the added luxury of taking these things for granted luxuries that have made my career in music that much easier..

Based on the composition of the clasts and matrix in the breccias, two dolomitization events are interpreted to have affected the succession, one prior to (early diagenetic [ED] dolomite) and one after brecciation (late diagenetic [DT2] dolomite). Dolomite of shallow burial origin (ED dolomite) was only observed as clasts within breccia and is much more frequent than late diagenetic (medium to deep burial) dolomite clasts. Thus, the timing of the brecciation and collapse is assumed to postdate shallow burial early diagenetic dolomitization.

For this week episode of the New York Public Library Podcast, we highlight discussions presented by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on two documentaries about icons Maya Angelou and John Lewis. To talk about American Masters And Still I Rise, a film about the Pulitzer nominated Dr. Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander, Director of Creativity and Free Expression at the Ford Foundation; Rita Coburn Whack, co director and co producer of Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise; Louis Gossett, Jr., Academy Award winning actor; and Colin Johnson, Co Founder and Principal of Caged Bird Legacy joined Director of the Schomburg Center, Kevin Young.

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Two reasons. He wanted to educate people and in the process educate himself.IMAGE: Sheela Bhatt, arguably India’s best informed journalist, at a memorial ceremony for her late husband Kanti Bhatt in Mumbai. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sheela Bhatt.He cleared up a lot of myths, misconceptions and mis directions about sex and sexuality (at that time) which were very, very common among Hindus.One topic he discussed with me was brahmachari ism or celibacy.(He would say) ‘So many people have written (about it).

Upon his return to India his writings took on a different tenor. Henceforth his poetry was expressed in a prophetic manner and emphasized themes such as the personality strengthening role of Islam or the love for God as a conquering power, as in his first two major Urdu poems, ‘Complaint and Answer.’ The most elaborate expression of his philosophy, however, occurs in his Persian poem, ‘Secrets of the Self.’ His philosophy of the Self, or Khudi, combines both the Nietzchean concept of the Superman with Jalaluddin Rumi’s concept of the Perfect Man. Contrary to most Sufi and Bhakti poets, Iqbal believed that spiritual emancipation did not involve dissolution of the Self in the Absolute, but, rather, an increasing defining of the limits of the Self in relation to the Absolute.

Le NPD, dirig par une femme, qui a fait lire 53 dputs (sur 86), dont 25 femmes (une proportion record de 47%). Un NPD qui veut revoir la hausse les redevances duptrole verses au gouvernement, qui veut hausser lesimpts des entreprises et cesser de faire la promotion l’tranger, aux frais des contribuables, des pipelines. Vafalloir revoir nos clichs sur les red necks de l’Alberta.

Another way to know if your chosen pair is authentic is to check the model photos on the brand website. See to it that the product of your choice looks 100% the same as the one of the brand website. You should be doubtful if there even just a slight inconsistency with the color.

This year’s festival will take place from Thursday 7 Sunday 10 July 2016, at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. The 2016 headline acts include The Stone Roses, Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Disclosure. How to get to Strathallan Castle Packing essentials guide T in the Park weather forecast Opening and closing timesScottish NewsBay City Rollers singer Les McKeown says he’ll never work with guitarist Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood againA long delayed compilation album is about to be released as McKeown plans to hook up again with his other Roller member Eric Faulkner.Scottish festivalsWedding of the Week: Mark Coyle and Lynn MaxwellThe pair met nine years ago on July 11, 2010, at T in the Park, Ballado.T In The ParkFive iconic T in the Park performances over last 25 yearsDespite the rain, mud, and potential tent disasters, the festival was a firm favourite in the Scottish music calender.T In The ParkT in the Park’s 25th anniversary: Relive first three amazing years at Strathclyde ParkTake a look back at the first three years of Scotland’s biggest music festival.T In The ParkSix reasons why we miss T in the ParkIt was an excuse to get drunk in a field with your friends and we loved it.T In The ParkHere’s what we wore to T in the Park in ’94Twenty five years ago pedal pushers, halter neck tops, and bucket hats were all the rage.T In The ParkSpot yourself at T in the Park in our huge 25 year picture galleryDid you go to the event? We’ve created a huge picture gallery to celebrate 25 years of the festival.T In The ParkYour best memories from T in the Park 25 years on”When it flooded and two guys got in their speedos, put on a snorkel and flippers, climbed in a dingy and sailed through the campsite”T In The ParkThe first T in the Park happened 25 years ago today a look back at Scotland’s most iconic festivalFrom humble beginnings as a small music festival showcasing world class music T was at the heart of Scotland’s music scene for over two decades.T In The Park25 years of T in the ParkScottish festivalsFuture of T in the Park decided as festival boss Geoff Ellis makes statementAfter two successful decades, T in the Park was cancelled indefinitely in 2016 after the organisers said red tape made it virtually impossible to plan.”PerthshireT in the Park will not returnOrganiser: “It was an amazing festival, but it ran its course”Irvine NewsKilwinning residents invited to view 12.7 million housing plansResidents are invited to attend a drop in event at Whitehirst Park Community Centre on Wednesday, June 26.Scottish festivalsFashion trends of the 90s that should make a comeback and the ones we want to forgetWho remembers combat trousers and crushed velvet EVERYTHING?T In The ParkDad of teen who died at T in the Park cries everyday after ecstasy overdoseMegan Bell’s father speaks out after learning that a 15 year old girl collapsed in a car park and later died after taking the drug this weekend.PerthshireTRNSMT will not come to Perth and KinrossPerth and Kinross Council says city is unsuitable for urban based festivalMartin CompstonScots actor Martin Compston has Tennent’s tap installed in his Las Vegas homeThe Line of Duty star was presented with the draft kit as a thanks for his hardcore love and support of the beer brand.StirlingFestival boss considers city offer that could bring TRNSMT to StirlingAmbitious plans are underway to bring to Stirling more big name music events which may include the TRNSMT festival.PerthshireRush for tickets for Lewis Capaldi at Perth Festival of the ArtsFestival of the Arts announces its line upT In The ParkRemembering when Keith Flint and The Prodigy rocked T in the Park at HamiltonKeith Flint was one of many who made it a festival to remember.TRNSMT’Bring back T in the Park!’ Scottish Twitter reacts to TRNSMT 2019 line upNicola Gormley wasn’t too happy on Twitter when she wrote: “Worst line up ever seen anywhere in the world.